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10 Amazing Books to Boost Your Presentation Skills

Whether you want to gain value for your trainer’s career, you want to improve your presentation skills generally in work and life, or you are training others in their presentation skills, we have some great approaches for you to explore.

You are always invited to also train your presentation skills with us at Trainers Toolbox (discover more here or get in touch to discuss what works best for you) (make this embedded links to pres skills workshop and to contact form) – but in the meantime, these books will give you great new ideas, tools and insights on how to create an amazing, impactful and memorable presentations.

Bring your presentations to the next level!

Structure your presentation and make it memorable

1. Chip Heath, Dan Heath: Made to Stick

Why do some ideas stick with us and others don’t? In an entertaining and eye-opening way, you will receive advice on how to make your ideas and communication more memorable.

2. Carmine Gallo: Talk Like TED

Amazing insights on the secrets of public speaking. The author interviewed to most successful TED presenters and various scientists to form the ideas that will help you succeed as a speaker.

3. Carmine Gallo: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Get passionate about the possibilities of your audiences! Using Steve Jobs as an example, you will discover lively techniques of the popular presenter.

4. Scott Berkun: Confessions of a Public Speaker

Immerse in the world of great communication. Follow Berkun through 15 years of authentic experience, learning from his mistakes and understand what leads to his triumphs.

Building a clear message

5. Roger Mavity, Stephen Bayley: Life’s a Pitch

Not only in the business world but also in your private life, sharing ideas and handle human transactions is necessary and important. You agree? Explore the art of persuasion and strengthen your skills, both in your presentations and in everyday communication!

Boost your design with the help of PowerPoint, on Whiteboard, or as drawing

6. Nancy Duarte: Resonate

Build a strong connection with your audience by presenting visual stories. If you want to become a visual communicator, grab this one! It is one of the most amazing books on presentation skills - highly recommended!

7. Nancy Duarte: slide:ology

This Nancy Duarte book is focused on designing you slides, and amazes with “walking the talk” throughout the book. It is highly practical, as well as rich in inspiring examples presented in a visual way.

8. Garr Reynolds: Presentation Zen

Get ready for a new, creative and effective way you think about your presentations. Aiming for simplicity yet deep impact, this book is full of memorable lessons, but also beautiful examples how to make presentations stand out.

9. Garr Reynolds: Presentation Zen Design

Deep dive into effective PPT design, with many inspiring examples and practical tips.

10. Dan Roam: The Back of the Napkin

If you are particularly interested in whiteboarding and drawing, don’t miss this opportunity to improve your skills. It is fascinating how visual representations can help solve complex problems.

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