Creativity - image with knitted bearsTrainers Toolbox is a place for trainers and coaches interested in creative, innovative methods that can bring a new twist, energy, and deeper level of learning to their training.Apart from adding more depth to learning, we are aiming to gain the attention of the learners by bringing in novelty, playfulness, and intrigue, improve retention by using brain-based techniques, and increase the motivation of a learner by providing variety, novelty, and creative learning methods into training.

We wish to inspire trainers to be authentic in their own approach, to be inspiring for their learners,s and to never stop learning and advancing in their own training techniques.

The mission of Trainers Toolbox is to support trainers not only in developing their learners, but also giving ideas to further develop oneself into more rounded people.

Trainers Toolbox vision and mission

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Empowering trainers and coaches to spark engagement, boost learning, and create impactful learning opportunities

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At Trainers Toolbox, we base our work on the following Principles:
-> Lifelong learning: continuous learning and development of the trainer’s own skills, knowledge, and attitudes
-> Reliability: the foundation of our work is evidence-based tools and practices, as well as empirical and experience-based practices
-> Responsibility: encouraging ownership and personal responsibility in learning
-> An active approach to learning: making learning experiential, flexible, adaptable and learner-centered
-> Innovation: being creative and flexible in approaching the learning process, always developing training, activities, and mindsets further
-> Excellence: providing content based on high-quality methodologies, tools, and knowledge material to invite and support trainers and coaches to deliver high-quality work and service,
-> Cooperation: keep on learning from our own actions and experiences, as well as from others, and sharing those learnings
-> Engagement: making learning experiences engaging, fun, inspiring, and motivating, raising curiosity, creativity, and love for learning

We act on our Vision in three areas:
• Educational materials and webinars – sharing new tools, ideas, and insights to spark creativity and motivation; a great first step to our workshops and events which dive deeper
• Immersive workshops and events (real-life & online) – experiential, active, and deep dive learning aimed at building strong foundations of trainers’ skills (Train the trainer events) and deepening specific sets of skills and knowledge (Positive psychology toolbox for trainers & Virtual training skills)
• Our community: sharing new ideas, insights, materials, and tools for trainers on our Blog and Facebook page

…. Here you can read more about what we believe training should be like

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Trainers Toolbox draws on a big variety of resources: positive psychology, evidence-based training methods, NLP, diverse coaching methodologies…Ideas in this Toolbox have been developed and learned through many diverse training projects, from numerous inspiring and knowledgeable trainers, out of great books and videos, about which we will be writing more within the Trainers Toolbox blog.

Some of the ideas formed under the influence of the following associations:

ATD – Association for Training and Development
IPPA – International Positive Psychology Association
◦ NGOs such as Zero Generation BEST, EFPSA….
◦ Anglia Ruskin MAPP program
Global NLP training

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The question we at Trainers Toolbox ask is, apart from which new tools can I use, how can a trainer engage learners in a more effective way?

How can a trainer use “old” knowledge and tools in new innovative ways, to create amazing learning experiences?

And ultimately – how can a trainer or a coach be even better in impacting learners to create true change in their lives?

Wish to contribute to Trainers Toolbox?

If you have tools and ideas which you would like to share and contribute to Trainers Toolbox, please contact us.

Mirna, founder of Trainers Toolbox

Mirna ŠmidtMirna is a trainer and a speaker passionate about learning,  getting things done, creating great training content, and delivering it in an enthusiastic and energetic way.  Being a trainer since 2008, she developed rich knowledge in positive psychology, NLP, evidence-based training, coaching, and many other innovative trainer tools and techniques.

Trainers Toolbox is a result of a desire to share many of these tools with trainers and coaches, with a vision of creating richer and more impactful learning experiences.

There is a long list of training projects and topics that Mirna has been developing and delivering – from Leadership Summer School, Youth Trainers Academy, Train Advanced Trainer, diverse Happiness Academy projects, The Perfect Presentation blog, and projects for clients such as Cisco, Molson Coors, L’Oreal, Elle, Styria, Impact Hub and many more.”

Read more about Mirna’s trainings here or more about her background on LinkedIn.

For any news on Mirna’s trainings, workshops and projects, follow her on Facebook.


What other say

Viki Csonka, Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator, Hungary

Our three trainers, Mirna, Timi and Kata promised us an exciting four-day journey that we received indeed – and much more than that. Every element of the very rich content was presented in an enjoyable and easily digestible form with sufficient opportunities to put the theory into practice. As a result we got a great, colourful trainer’s toolbox with many real life examples, experience, innovative methods and fun! I definitely encourage others to take up the challenge!

Marcel Majsan, eCommerce consultant, Croatia

I started doing trainings “by accident”, as people hired me for my experience and not because of my presentation skills. You can say I learned everything “on the go”, but to be honest, I did not know what I was missing until I enrolled TTT with Mirna. The trainings were very dynamic and sometimes demanding, but I was blown away by Mirna’s skills as a trainer. I honestly believe she made me a better trainer, and would recommend her trainings to anyone who is doing any kind of presentations, trainings or educations.

Nikolina Mihić, Psychologist and Human Resources specialist, Croatia

Mirna’s experience and knowledge about training combined with her engaging style and a lot of practical methods made this “Train The Trainer” really valuable experience. We learned a lot, had plenty of opportunities to try out different methods, adapt them to our personal styles and get constructive feedback, all while having a loads of fun in the process. I would recommend this training to everyone who wants to learn more and improve their skills in training design and delivery.

Anna Danes, Founder at, Spain

Train The Trainer exceeded all my expectations. The content was well curated, the deliveries where very efficient, and looking back I am surprised of how much I learned and how clear everything was. The amount of homework between sessions was achievable for people with full time jobs and a busy life. I highly recommend it!

Marija Malkoč Kušt, Agile Trainer and Scrum Master, Croatia

It was a pleasure to walk the talk with Mirna during the TTT training. Although I started with not being sure if I have what it takes to become a trainer, I was able to develop my existing skills, discover my hidden talents and learn how to improve where I needed it most. We learned a lot of useful models, tools, activities, and skills which I will for sure be able to use in the future. I loved the experiential approach and how everything builds up and rounds up from module to module. It was quite eye-opening in many ways (be prepared to get a more thorough perspective when it comes to training design and delivery), but also tons of fun at the same time. I highly recommend it!

Nathalie Navarro, coach, The Netherlands

I’ ve followed a Mirna’ s workshop with a lot of enthusiasm. She has explained and give me a lot of tools which is bringing me structure into my coaching program for my cliënt.

Mirna is talented in her knowledge, we feel her passion. She is congruent in her behavior. I encourage and invite all to follow one of her workshops. There will be a moment she will pass near your home! Go there! No regrets! Only Happiness. Thank you so much, Mirna, for your sharing.

Ivana Kljaković-Gašpić, founding member at Evolution at work, Croatia

Trainers Toolbox is an amazing TTT program. The main quality is a quite flexible curriculum through which is possible to navigate following our own needs and desires. Bunch of super useful tools, highly skilled trainer and really interesting crowd.

Meri Tukač, Technical Training Instructor, Croatia

Amazing source of inspiration, ideas and tools as well as education possibilities (TTT program is amazing!) for trainers and educators!

Edita Jurak, Assistant Professor at University of Groeningen, The Netherlands

Trainers Toolbox provides great, user friendly and fun tools – visuals, videos, exercises – for trainers and educators alike.

Monika Friscic, Human Resources Manager and Trainer at Poliklinika Bagatin, Croatia

Trainers Toolbox is like a well of knowledge for trainers, coaches and everyone who’s interested in personal development. When I’m stuck or in lack of ideas, it’s my go to place for inspiration.
I had the pleasure to meet Mirna and attend some of her trainings which were authentic, inspiring and encouraging! Thank you.