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The Best Books on Training Design

The Best Books on Training Design

Best books on training design

Designing learning experience that takes into account individual differences as well as deep understanding of how learning happens in human brain is an art that a great trainer must master.
Regardless if you have mastered many this set of skills already, or you are just at the beginning of this wonderful journey, as long as you want to level up your training design skills, here are some great books that we can recommend:
Training for dummies

1. “Training For Dummies” by Elaine Biech

This is a true “Training 101” book that covers all elements of training in a structured and straightforward way. Even though it might seem a bit simple for the advanced trainer, to an experienced trainer it can serve as a great “checklist” – are there any elements of training that might have slipped out of your focus a bit, with routine and getting into a habit of doing a certain style of design and delivery? This book can also serve as a great guide or checklist in designing a Train the Trainer learning experience.

Engage: The Trainer's Guide to Learning Styles by Jeanine O'Neill Blackwell

2. “Engage: The Trainer’s Guide to Learning Styles” by Jeanine O’Neill Blackwell

This book provides deep insights into the learning cycle, offering many ideas and practical tips for an advanced level of usage of 4mat in training. Regardless if you are an advocate or an opponent of the learning styles theory, the part dealing with the learning cycle is highly valuable and rich in the knowledge it provides for any trainer.

Evidence-Based Training Methods by Ruth C. Clark

3. “Evidence-Based Training Methods” by Ruth C. Clark

One of our favorites – busting many myths about learning while going deep into the evidence-based approach to design of both the full training experience and individual training methods. If you wish to move away from myths and habits and re-question how you are designing the learning experience with a deep dig into Why, this is the book to check out.

Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirksen

4. “Design for How People Learn” by Julie Dirksen 

The great thing about this book is that it helps you design a learning experience for the learner’s purpose and customize the experience for their specific use. Using key principles of learning, memory and attention, it teaches you how to design a true learner-centred experience, from how to engage the learner to which methods to use for best retention of the knowledge.

Telling Ain’t Training by Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps

5. “Telling Ain’t Training” by Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps  

This is a terrific resource for the design of highly interactive trainings, in the centre of which is the learner-focused approach. It brings us more myth-busting with a focus on research and evidence-based techniques, providing many great tools. The best of all, in this book the authors really walk the talk of what they are preaching!

Visible Learning by John Hattie

6. “Visible Learning” by John Hattie

The bible of evidence-based learning! Visible Learning is a synthesis of more than 800 meta-studies on diverse topics of how different elements impact learning. It is all that we know about learning, from a scientific point of view, packed into one book. It also features a wonderful quick three-page overview of all the conclusions on how different variables impact learning. ​

We at Trainers Toolbox hope that you will enjoy these books and learn many new ways of enriching and advancing your training design. And, please, do share with us which are your favourites 🙂

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