Brain based tips for more impactful learning

- online course for trainers & educators in 7 modules -

How to create an amazing, impactful and memorable learning experiences? Build them around what science knows about brain!

In this new and fresh course by Trainers Toolbox, you will learn A LOT about how the brain learns – and how can we as trainers turn that into practical, actionable approaches that we can leverage in our workshops.

The central question of the course will be:

How can we accelerate and deepen learning experiences by creating training practices based on the science of learning?

What do we know about the brain?

All brains are unique, yet the science of learning and neuroscience offers us many insights about the brain that we can use to create more impactful learning. Therefore we wish to put the science of the brain in the center of educational design, instead of past educational practices, established conventions, or assumptions about the learning process.

Brain-based learning is a paradigm of learning which looks into the learning process and learning outcomes from the point of view of the human brain. It involves specific strategies for learning which are designed based on how human attention, memory, motivation, and conceptual knowledge acquisition works.

This course will cover all the basics of cognitive psychology, but we will also learn how to leverage the connection our brain has with our whole system and our surroundings (body, emotions, social connection and much more).

And since one of the proven ways to make learning more memorable is to make it concrete and relevant to learners – you will also have a whole module dedicated just to practice!

What will this course be about?

Our focus is on finding an optimal balance between neuroscientific findings and the realities of the training room.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Attention, Memory and Recalling – how to strengthen all of them in a brain-based way?
  • Impact of the body on how the brain works
  • Leveraging emotions for more attention and memory
  • Overcoming limitations of  the brain 
  • Leveraging the brain “quirks” to create more memorable and impactful learning experiences
  • Using social connections to support the learning process
  • Creating more motivation in learning
  • Building more sense of ownership for participants
  • Flow – the special state great for learning, mastery and motivation – and how to create it in workshops
  • … and many more!

How will it work?

This online course will be highly engaging, interactive, science-based yet focused on practical applications in training. You will discover many powerful ideas and tools that you can leverage immediately in your next workshop. 

The course is delivered in 7 modules of 2h, one module each week. 

The group is limited to 8 attendees, to maximise active participation and interaction. 

Course fee is 320 eu (45 eu per module). 

When is the next chance to attend?

Course is starting for the new group in  March 2022.

Applications will open in December/January. If you are interested in joining, do let me know (via application for or via contact form on this page), as in that case we will take into account your preference of the day in the week when the course will be happening. 

Course outline

brain-based-learning-module -1

Module 1: Discover our brain’s limitations and quirks 

In the intro module, we will look into some of the characteristics of the brain that are most commonly neglected in workshops – and see how to take them into consideration in your own workshops. Get ready for surprises and new discoveries!


Module 2: Explore cognitive processes crucial for learning

In module 2 we are exploring three main cognitive processes involved in learning – attention, memory, and retention. Learn how as a trainer you can support learners in each of these, in a science-based way.


Module 3: Connect mind and body 

One of the most impactful ways to influence how the brain works, guides attention and navigates emotions is by involving the body. Explore different tools, techniques, and ways to leverage the body, movement, and space in your trainings. 


Module 4: Harvest the power of emotions and social connections

In module 4, we are exploring how to put emotions and social connections in the service of learning. What emotions are optimal for learning? How do relationships in the training room impact learning – and how can you leverage that? 


Module 5: Boost learners’ motivation & the sense of ownership 

Senses of ownership and proactivity are the most foundational building blocks of adult learning – yet, often difficult to evoke. In this module, we are using the science of the brain to talk about creating a deeper sense of ownership and boost motivation in a sustainable way. 

Module 6: Master flow – a gateway to enhanced learning 

Flow is one of the optimal states for learning and for advancing towards mastery. It creates natural motivation in a learner to stretch their goals and to challenge themselves. In this module, we will explore science-based approaches, tips, and tricks that a trainer can use to create a state of flow in the learning room. 

brain-based-learning-module -7

Module 7: Time for practice!

In this final module, you will have a chance to put all of your learnings into practice. You will train to apply all the tools and insights in your workshops and trainings. 

About Trainers

Mirna Šmidt

Mirna is a trainer of skills for trainers and positive psychology. She merges deep experience in training (certified trainer since 2008) with a curious, eternal-learner personality and a lot of enthusiasm and energy to transfer her rich knowledge.

Mirna is the founder of Trainers Toolbox and Happiness Academy

Apart from MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, she also holds Masters in Engineering – which makes her approach highly practical and science-based.

Learn more about Mirna at or at LinkedIn.


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