How to create amazing, impactful and memorable learning experiences?

Build them with brain in mind!


In this upcoming course by Trainers Toolbox, you will learn A LOT about how brain learns – and how can we as trainers turn that into practical, actionable approaches that we can leverage in our workshops. The central question of the course will be:

How can we accelerate and deepen learning by basing training practices in the science of learning, rather than on past educational practices, established conventions, or assumptions about the learning process?

Brain-based learning is a paradigm of learning which looks into learning process and learning outcomes from the point of view of the human brain. It involves specific strategies for learning which are designed based on how human attention, memory, motivation, and conceptual knowledge acquisition works. It leverages cognitive psychology and neuroscience research to incorporate it in training practices.

What will this course be about?

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Attention, Memory and Recalling – how to strengthen all of them in brain-based way?
  • Impact of body on how brain works
  • Brain chemistry and happiness hormones and how to leverage them for learning
  • Leveraging emotions for more attention and memory
  • Overcoming limitations of brain
  • Leveraging the brain “quirks” to create more memorable and impactful learning experiences
  • Using social connections to support learning process
  • Creating more motivation in learning
  • Flow – the special state great for learning, mastery and motivation – and how to create it in workshops
  • … and many more!

It will all be about how we can find an optimal balance between neuroscientific findings and the realities of training.

How will it work?

This online course will be highly engaging, interactive, science-based yet focused on practical. You will discover many powerful ideas and tools that you can leverage immediately in your next workshop. 

When will the course be available?

We are aiming for launch in autumn 2021, but cannot give you more precise date at the moment.

Curious to hear when we launch?

Stay tuned via Trainers Toolbox newsletter.

Looking  for ways to make your workshops more engaging and impactful?

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