Emotions best for learning - and how to create them

Trainer’s guide on how to create and leverage emotions for a more impactful learning process

Free ebook by Trainers Toolbox

What emotions are participants experiencing at your workshops? How do these emotions impact their learning?

Often overlooked aspect of the learning process, emotions greatly impact on attendee’s attention, memory, and motivation during the learning process. In this 16-pages ebook, we are looking into what science has to say about the impact of emotions on learning. We also enriched it with trainers’ experience and tips & tricks to build the emotions positive for learning.

The ebook is aimed at trainers, facilitators, and anyone interested in delivering and facilitating workshops.

✨ Are you looking to boost your skills of managing emotions and energy in training room? ✨

At Trainers Toolbox, we are delivering an amazing online course in 3 modules “Managing energy and emotion in the training room”.

During this course, you will dive into this topic in a practical, engaging, active way and learn the best approaches to create impactful learning experiences. 

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