Individual mentorship, consulting and coaching

Individual mentorship, consulting and coaching

Are you a trainer or facilitator looking for an individual advice, support or a second pair of eyes on your work or career development as a trainer?

Need help with design of your event, team retreat, or conference opening? Or with your facilitation, communication and presentation skills?

I am Mirna – a trainer with 15 years of experience and a founder of Trainers Toolbox & Happiness Academy, excited about making training more engaging and impactful through goal-oriented and science-based approach, and I will be happy to support you with your project and self-development.

As long as the topics are related to training design and delivery, reach out to book 1:1 session.

Available session formats

1:1 sessions are fully tailored according to your needs and preferences. 

You can choose between 1h call or 2h call, each including 1-2 emails with follow up questions and materials.

To book 1:1 session, get in touch and share with me what would you like me to support you with, as well as timeline within which you would like to book a call.

I am looking forward to hearing from you – and share exciting ideas, knowledge and feedback.

Discover more about me here or on my Linkedin profile (and in each case, do connect :)).

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