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Learnings from TTT Advanced

Insights are everywhere … but when a group of trainers comes together it escalates very quickly.

An Advance Train-The-Trainers it’s an amazing gathering field with Train-the-Trainer graduates who decided to dive deeper into some of the crucial topics for trainers, and build up their skills and capabilities as a trainer.


We dig into topics of training follow-up, design & facilitation, what can trainers learn from coaches, debriefings and, for the biggest chunk of time, storytelling.  


It was an inspiring weekend that leaves us all with a bunch of ideas and insights, and a ton of great energy. 

While learnings are many many, I am sharing here a couple of quick learnings that might also be insightful for you:

Magic happens when you put amazing people in the room together, and provide a bit of structure to the conversation.

I am sure many of you had this experience before – perhaps on learning events (like Leadership Summer School or your Train the Trainer), or on retreats or mastermind groups. Or perhaps you joined some of the Art of Hosting events. 


Whichever it is, once you get into that feeling, you know it: the cohesion of a group in which every person is bringing a new perspective and a unique energy, while the whole group is aligned around common values (and those values are often about learning and self-development).


It feels like magic is in the air and sparks are everywhere. Even breaks are full of meaningful conversations, positive energy, and exchange of ideas and it is really tough to transfer that experience into words. 

My invitation today: be proactive about seeking and creating such experiences. These are the moments that make us all feel more ALIVE 

2. To maximise learning, challenge people (and yourself) in a meaningful way and in a safe environment.

To learn, one does need to be stretched and challenged a bit. 


But to be able to take risks, be open and curious, and in the state right for learning, one also needs to feel safe and supported. 


Hitting that sweet spot right is the key to inspiring and exciting learning events – and the road to the steepest learning curve. 

3. Learning experience is most powerful when it’s customized.

There is immense power in designing a task that aims directly for a gap that a trainer has, or that aims exactly at the thing they are curious about, or perhaps that shoots for an aspect that would open a whole new vision of training for them personally. 


Creating such experiences is exhilarating – but it also comes with a lot of effort and time invested by the trainer.


In the case of this TTT Advanced, I knew each of the participants personally (all but 1 have been attending comprehensive TTT with me). 

Still, we did two types of surveys before the program to explore their preferences and needs. 

Next to that, I engaged with them in individual conversations, and also listened really carefully to all that they say on the intro modules (TTT Advanced is comprised of 2 online modules, and 1 live weekend). 


That all resulted in absolutely customised agenda for the whole event – but also in designing a unique, individualised experience for each of the trainers attending. 


It lead to an impactful, engaging event – but that didn’t come easy (even though every step of the way was super inspiring and enjoyable :)).

4. Feedback is the king of learning.

Experience – learning by doing – is the best way to learn (in most situations).


Yet, it maximizes progress only if it’s connected with insightful, smart, and not overwhelming feedback.


When feedback is done well, it gives deep insights to the person who was performing – but it also gives many ideas and enriching new perspectives to everyone else in the group.

This kind of exchange of perspectives and views of the experience that everyone participated in (or witnessed) brings depth to exploration and learning. 

So, whatever you do – seek feedback, and seek a good one!

I hope these 4 insights gave you some food for thought about what do YOU find important and impactful in your learning events.

Take a moment to reflect:

If you would organise a new event tomorrow, what would you be paying attention to?

If you would join us for TTT Advanced, what kind of experience would you like to have? What would make it impactful for you? (if you have some good thoughts on this, do share – I would love to hear, and you can always reach me by simply replying to this email)

If you would like to join meaningful gathering of other trainers and dive deep into the world of training, I hope you will join us in 2023.

Train the trainer programs to start in the spring of 2023, with 3 options for 2 live days: Barcelona, Amsterdam, or Stockholm (applications are opening in January, but don’t hesitate to already let me know if you are considering joining)


I was planning to do another Train Advanced Trainer (the program that is just for TTT graduates) only in 2024 – but due to all the enthusiasm about the program, I am considering delivering one in autumn 2023. The location is still unknown, although tentative in Zagreb. 

Would you like to join us for Train Advanced Trainer? Get in touch and let’s talk – your voice will also impact my decision about when & where to deliver it. 

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