Managing energy and emotion

Emotions are the key to learning – they make memories and insights “sticky”, and turn our experiences into lasting impressions.

They are crucial element of learning, as well as key to truly apply new behaviors and skills in life after the workshop.  

Yet too often, they are the neglected bit – trainers design events focused on methods and content, not taking flow of emotions into account. 

Have you ever wondered what emotions are your learners experiencing during your workshops and training events?  

And how their emotion impacts what they actually learn, how well they remember it, and how much they will use it after the workshop?  

Would you like to develop new, more impactful ways of designing that emotional journey and keeping the learners’ energy and motivation high while facilitating or delivering a workshop? 

If so, this is the workshop made for you!

Emotions make all the difference in making learning memorable and impactful! 

Emotions have a huge impact on the learning process – they are the key to attention, memory and learner’s motivation, and are a crucial ingredient of an impactful learning process.

Yet their impact is terribly neglected in most of the learning experiences!

By joining us at this course, you will explore new ways to manage the emotion and energy in the training room, and learn many new powerful tools and approaches to do that (even) better.

What is this course about?

Managing emotions and energy in workshops and training events  is an online course divided into 3 modules, in which you will learn about impact of different emotions on learning.

You will discover ways of create more impactful emotional experiences in your workshops for stronger memory and building an engaging, memorable learning journey for your participants. 

The course is designed for trainers and facilitators, as well as anyone organizing and delivering workshops and educational events.

It brings together theory about emotions in learning based on the science of learning and neuroscience with meaningful and insightful discussions among experienced trainers, and focus on how to turn the theory into practical tools and approaches to use in your own workshops.

You will gain new perspectives and ideas on how to think about the role of emotions in training, as well as practical tools to create an impact.  

It will encourage you as a trainer to focus on emotion, not just as a mean to design “learning experience that feel good, and that learners enjoy” – but to truly leverage the learners emotions to make learning more impactful and memorable!

The course will also provide you with the powerful questions for reflection to make your approach to emotions in learning personalized for your own style as a trainer.

Learning goals

What will the course look like?

The course is split into 3 modules of different duration: the first module is 2h long, the second one is 3h long, and the last one 1h long. This enables us to experiment with managing energy and emotion in several different formats of a workshop and actively learn through these experiences.  

At the course, work in a small group, interactively with a lot of reflection, experimentation with tools,  direct experiences from which you can learn, and exchange of ideas and perspectives between the trainers attending the course. 

Course outline

Module 1: Flow of energy and emotion in training (2h)

In the intro module, we will explore what is the common flow of energy and emotion in your workshops, and design a vision of how should it be. We will look into different phases of training, and explore what emotions are positive and beneficial for each of the phases. 

We will talk about the desired intensity of emotions in training and how does it impact memory, attention and engagement. We will exchange practical tips and tricks for creating diverse emotional experiences that are beneficial for learning.

Module 2: What science of learning says about emotions (3h)

We talk about what the science of learning says about emotions in the learning process, including insights from research focused on emotions in training, but also tools and ideas from learning science, brain-based learning and neuroscience. 

We will explore how emotion impacts diverse stages of learning, and how it relates to motivation, attention, memory and active role in learning and look into how to build more curiosity, confidence, motivation, the agency in learners.

You will gain many practical ideas and tips that you can immediately implement in your workshop design.  

Module 3: Bringing the insights back into your trainings (1h)

In this final module, we will explore which of the learnings were most impactful for you.

You will develop new ideas and approaches about how can you implement all the learnings in your future workshops.

Date, time and pricing

Price: 140 EUR (includes 3 modules, in total 6h of training)

Dates and times: The course is delivered in 2 online modules: Module 1 in duration of 1h, Module 2 in duration of 3h, and Module 3 in duration of 2h. 

February dates:  Mon, 27th of February @ 18h CET (2h long), Wed, 1st of March @ 18h CET (2h long) and Thu, 2nd of March @ 18h CET (1h long)

Applications are open until 1st of February.

Let us know if interested via contact form (without obligations), and we will let you know once we have the exact dates.

About the trainer

Mirna Šmidt, the founder of Trainers Toolbox and Happiness Academy, brings together 14 years of experience in training and 8 years of experience in coaching with the practical experience of a successful career in a global team in a fast-paced corporate environment. She also adds deep theoretical knowledge to the mix – among other things, including MsC of Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Her style of training is positive, energetic, engaging, fast-paced and focused on goals and impact that we can create as trainers – and sometimes a tiny bit overwhelming in the abundance of information as a consequence of her deep love of learning.

Mirna’s mission is to support trainers in making training more impactful – among other ways, by leveraging science-based practices.

What other trainers say about emotions in learning?

*coming soon*

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