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The 7 Best Books on Brain-Based Learning

At Trainers Toolbox, we simply can’t get enough of this topic, the way our brain works is too fascinating!

(It is also while we keep building up and delivering our Brain Based Learning course – check the link if that sounds like something that you might want to join!)

Brain-Based Learning is one of the foundations of a memorable, deep and impactful learning experiences.

When we build learning that is adapted to the way that brain works – to our mechanisms of attention, memory, processing – that is when the learning truly happens.

Here are 7 great books that will help you build your knowledge not only about your training, but also about yourself!

1. Kevin Simler, Robin Hanson: The Elephant in the Brain

This one was recommended and recommended to us – and now we highly recommend it to you! If want to explore what the hidden motives behind your behaviour are - you will need to confront “the Elephant in the Brain”.

2. Eric Jensen: Teaching with the Brain in Mind

This one already inspired thousands of educators and trainers, now we want it to inspire you. Understand how the brain systems affect learning, and how you can positively influence the brains of your students and trainees.

3. John Medina: Brain Rules

Medina offers you a framework of 12 Principles to improve your own ability to thrive. You will gain a deep understanding of the brain’s functions and how to get the best out of it.

4. Norman Doidge: The Brain that Changes Itself

For everyone who’s interested in neuroplasticity, this might be the book! The conclusions that can be drawn about human potential are deeply inspiring.

5. Annie Murphy Paul: The Extended Mind

Annie Murphy Paul explains us how to think outside the brain – in order to use mental extensions such as our body, environment and relationships. This book is full of practical advices on how we can think better - and help others to do so too.

6. Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow

How do we think, what are our capabilities or biases? Daniel Kahneman is a pioneer in the psychology of judgment and decision-making, as well as in behavioral economics. He describes how we make choices, when we can trust our intuition and how we can benefit from understanding how we think.

7. Eric P. Jensen, Liesl McConchie: Brain-Based Learning

Grab this book to explore great insights on how the brain actually learns and how an optimal learning environment would look like.

Books are amazing (we at Trainers Toolbox truly love a good read!), but, as you know, learning truly happens when you put all these new concepts and ideas in practice.

When you try them out, reflect on them and discuss them with other trainers, get feedback and explore new approaches in practice.

If you are looking to dive deeper – and more practical – into the brain based learning, and to bring your workshops to a whole new level of impact, join us at Brain Based Learning online course at Trainers Toolbox.

Wanna learn more and build up your skills as a trainer?

Join us at Brain-Based-Learning-Course to make your courses and workshops deeper, more impactful and more engaging – with the brain in mind!

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