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The Best Books about Facilitation

The four amazing books on facilitation that every facilitator and trainer should read

To facilitate means “to make easy”. Sounds simple, but facilitation is an art, isn’t it?

One that you can keep developing throughout your life and career.

In this blog post, I am sharing with you 4 books on facilitation that I can truly recommend as some of the best reading on the topic that will support you on that journey.

I hope you will enjoy and learn a lot from them – and would love to hear which one you checked out and how did you like it!

1. Michael Wilkinson: The Secrets of Facilitation

The SMART facilitation is not just an innovative way to produce consistent results with groups, it is also highly valuable for your personal life. It delivers practical tips you can implement immediately.

2. Adam Kahane: Facilitating Breakthrough

Kahane’s approach of transformative facilitation enables you to remove obstacles in order to help the group thrive together towards a common goal. Full of real-life examples and experiences from all over the world, this book will make you think about facilitation in a new way.

3. Roger Schwarz: The Skilled Facilitator

Classic, essential, ageless. The Skilled Facilitator reminds you of the ground rules of facilitation and the foundation of your work as a facilitator.

4. Sam Killermann: Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation

What is the true, fundamental magic of facilitation? Sometimes the obvious is not visible until someone shows you what to look for. This book will amaze you with new insights and perspectives.

I hope you will enjoy the reading – and discover some new tips, tools and ideas.

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