Train-the-trainer program by Trainers Toolbox

Learn how to create engaging and impactful learning experiences in a blended learning program delivered in  8 virtual modules, along with a live weekend in Stockholm or Barcelona! 

Groups open to join us in spring 2023:  Blended Train-the-trainer program with virtual part starting in March 2023 and live weekend in Barcelona or Stockholm in late May/early June 2023.

Train-the-trainer program by Trainers Toolbox is the way for you to build the skills in design and delivery of high quality, engaging and impactful learning experiences for adults, both in a live and online setting.

Great training is a mix of art and science. It is built on a foundation of learning science, psychology, neuroscience and other “tools”  we have from the world of knowledge. On the other side, a high-quality learning experience also leverages trainers’ authenticity, using their character, personal strengths, skills, knowledge and life experiences in shaping the optimal and unique learning experience.

In the TTT program by Trainers Toolbox, we believe in balance between these two factors: while teaching you the research-based foundation and techniques of successful learning, we build on your strengths, personal style, skillset, and support you in developing and leveraging them in the training room.

Join us at Trainers Toolbox’s Train the Trainer to:

Who is this program for?

Train the Trainer program is a comprehensive program of skills for trainers’ that covers the foundations of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that a trainer needs to design and deliver a great learning experience.

As such, while it is aimed at beginners’ trainers, it is also valuable for trainers who are already delivering training but never went through a full and comprehensive Train the Trainer program.

Train the Trainer is for you if you are:

  • an expert in any field of expertise who is looking to get better at transferring their knowledge to others, and build more knowledge and experience with the design and delivery of an impactful learning experience

  • aspiring trainers who would like to be doing more workshops in the future (or even shift their career in that direction) so they are looking to advance their skills of workshop design and delivery

  • a trainer or educator (or anyone doing workshops) with some experience who haven’t been to comprehensive TTT education yet and wish to who wish to grow their skills as a trainer and get quality feedback, as well as new tools and best practices

  • anyone interested in a deep understanding of the adult learning process and developing a set of skills and methods to design impactful learning experiences

Did you recognise yourself in any of these? Let us know.

While these are our most common attendees, TTT is open to anyone who wishes to hone their skills in designing and delivering quality learning experiences.

The foundations of the program

1. Experiential learning foundations

Understanding the approach and methodology of experiential learning, understanding adult learners, learning science, trainers competencies, goals in learning, and needs assessment.

2. Training Design

Skills needed for training design, elements that need to be covered in each session, main models and approaches used in training design, how to design impactful experiential activities and working with understanding design according to diverse length of activity, gamification in training.

3. Training Delivery skills

Facilitation skills and tools, presentation skills, using prompts in training, understanding group dynamics and leveraging them in training room, setting the right atmosphere and emotion in training, dealing with challenging groups and participants, space facilitation, evaluation, feedback and a training session follow up.

4. Enriching your trainers’ toolbox

Diving into broad range of tools for training and best theories and models of leadership, communication, teamwork, etc.
even more than other topics, the 4th pillar will be highly customised according to attendees’ preferences and needs.

While we will spend dedicated modules primarily focused on each of these pillars, attendees will be learning and practising all of the pillars throughout all modules – e.g. discovering new trainers tools and models by choosing them as a topic to practice design and delivery on, practising elements of delivery such as presentations, facilitation and debriefing throughout each of the modules and receiving continuous feedback.

The program will focus on practical aspects of training to maximise the time for practice, debriefing, discussions and other activities, but attendees will receive comprehensive reading for homework as well as preparation assignments for delivery and facilitation.

It is very active program, science-based yet designed to be highly practical, jumping into the deep waters early, and gaining a lot of feedback and practical tips.

Learning goals of the Train the trainer

Here are the 6 goals according to which TTT program is built:

1 – Gain clear overview of skills for design & delivery

You will develop broad understanding of all the different aspects that trainer needs to keep in mind – and through it discover what are your own strenghts, and which skills would you like to focus on developing further.

2 – Practice always focusing on “WHY”

One of the most important pillars of the program is to build learning experiences that are goal-oriented – meaning, that we choose every method and design every bit of the training (as well as make every decision within the workshop delivery) with the goal in mind. And also that we share those goals with participants, so they could better support their own learning process.

3 – Collect many practical and powerful tips & tricks from experience

You will get many practical tips from the experience of other trainers in the group, as well as the rich experience of the TTT trainer (15 years in training). The TTT itself will also be a powerful learning experience where you will gain many insights from our own examples and activities we do on the program itself.

4 – Learn the most relevant tools and models to make learning impactful

Throughout the program, you will learn more than dozen models that can help you in training deliver, design and in making training more impactful and memorable, all of them based on learning science.

5 – Gain rich feedback about your own style and skills as a trainer

Throughout the program you are delivering quite many active bits, and after each bit you receive detailed feedback from the trainer and the whole group. This gives you many insights into your style and habits, as well as many many ideas how to make workshops better, based on observing others in the group delivering and receiving feedback.

6 – Strengthen self-awareness and confidence

You will continously be developing your self-awareness as a trainer through feedback as well as a lot of self-reflection and new frameworks. You will also be building your confidence by strengthening your skills, knowledge and abilities as a trainer.

Train-the-Trainer program outlines

TTT program by Trainers Toolbox is combining through 8 virtual modules (3h each) and 2 live days (full days on site) in a fluid way, with all the topics interconnected.

It is designed this way for two reasons:                                                      1. so you would be well exposed and learn both about virtual and live training                                                                                                                  2. so we could stretch the learnings over several months, which allows you to integrate the knowledge deeper and to participate in the course in a highly active way, delivering small bits of content and receiving rich feedback to it.

The exact topics are subject to change from the side of the trainer following the attendees’ needs, goals  and learning processes, as the whole program is highly customised.

Get2know, setting bases for effective communication and feedback in the group. Practicing first presentation for this course, giving and receiving feedback, practicing other skills such as facilitation. Setting goals for the course. Concept of meta-star and all the levels on which we will leverage learning. Experiential learning: what it is, why we do it, how it works. Trainer’s competencies: trainer’s compass (values, attitudes, skills, behaviours as a trainer). Toolbox: all the toolbox we want to build and how we will be doing it (eg. repository of energisers, icebreakers, games, activities, models…)

Understanding adult learning: learning science, positive psychology, neuroscience in learning  (learning cycle), preferences of individual learners,  evidence-based training methods. Training Design (session or event): design session timeline, models for effective session design (blooms taxonomy, 4mat), how to make it engaging and optimal for learning

Design according to the goal of the learning and the time available. Choosing icebreakers and energisers in a goal-oriented way, design of learning activities.

Motivation/why of learning. Presentation skills (spontaneous vs prepared vs prepared with flexibility). Group dynamics.

Presenting vs. facilitating vs. guiding the process. Facilitation skills (basic and advanced): facilitation toolbox, facilitation from short activity to the whole event.

Debriefing. Emotions optimal for learning. Managing emotion and atmosphere in the training room. Managing focus, attention and energy. Learning space design. Adapting learning methods to diverse group sizes.

Working with challenging participants. Evaluation, feedback, closing and follow up on a training session or event.

Most common theories of motivation, communication, teamwork, leadership…  Surveys, assessments, tools that trainer can use. Disc, insights, belbin, mbti…. Using ppt. Using flipcharts. Tools from positive psychology. Coaching skills and tools in training. Best places to find tools and activities.

Improve your skills as a trainer, discover your authentic qualities and become the best trainer you can be!

Logistics and practical details

TTT Barcelona and TTT Stockholm/Amsterdam groups soon to be open for signups!

  • Dates of online modules 
    * Please notice that these are approximate dates for each of the modules – the exact dates will be adjusted in accordance with availability of the group, to ensure everyone can attend all the modules

  You can choose to either join the morning or the evening group, depending on your preference:

   morning group: 8 online modules at 9:30am CET (3h duration)                                                                                                                                                evening group: 8 online modules at 6:00pm CET (3h duration)

Tue, 28th of March

Thu, 6th of April

Tue, 18th of April

Thu, 20th of April

Tue, 2nd of May (morning) / Wed, 3rd of May (evening)

Thu, 4th of May

Tue, 13th of June

Thu, 15th of June


  • Live days on the weekend of 27th-28th May in Barcelona and on weekend of 10th-11th June in Stockholm/Amsterdam (9am – 6.30pm).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *we might move the weekend to week-days in that week, in case the whole group prefers and is available

Program is open both for locals and travellers.

  • engaging and highly interactive program, with a lot of practical exercisesreflection and discussion
  • working in a small group (max 8 attendees)
  • highly customised according to the attendees’ needs, experiences and learning goals.
  • the fee is 1650 EUR for Stockholm or Barcelona location

Barcelona and Stockholm starting in Spring 2023
Amsterdam and Florence coming up in late 2023

Train-the-Trainer in Florence (and potentially Amsterdam) is planned for autumn 2023. 

TTT Florence will start in late September with a live weekend at the end of October.

As these options are not confirmed yet, do get in touch if you would be interested in joining at those locations.


We will send announcements with exact dates via Trainers Toolbox monthly newsletter. Sign up here and stay updated with all news regarding new TTT dates!

About the trainer - Mirna Šmidt

Since graduating from a one-year-long Train the Trainer education in 2008, Mirna kept delivering training and deepening her knowledge and skills as a trainer. Over the past 14 years, she delivered at a range of training events, building extensive experience in “classical” topics such as communication, presentation, teamwork and leadership, but also rich experience in a broad range of positive psychology topics, train advanced trainer tools and events. She is an NLP Master practitioner, as well as a certified coach since 2011, and loves enriching her training with the tools and techniques from these fields.

Having delivered for NGOs and non-profit organisations, startups and startup incubators, as well as conferences and corporate audiences for clients such as Cisco and L’Oreal, and in over 20 countries, Mirna is no stranger to diverse sectors, audience sizes and backgrounds, and able to adjust her training design and delivery, while keeping with evidence-based practices of experiential and adult learning.

Currently, her main focus in training is positive psychology. She is one of the first graduates of Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

As a founder and a head trainer of Happiness Academy, she keeps on building and delivering programs and workshops focused on designing life and career according to her own values and vision, strengthening wellbeing, personal strengths and resilience to challenges. All her programs are built on research-based practices and tools.

Over the years, Mirna delivered twelve Train the Trainer programs and three Train advanced trainer programs, most of them in around 100h in duration and in a highly international groups of participants.

Mirna also runs Trainers Toolbox, an initiative to share tools and knowledge with trainers around the world.

What participants say

Trainers Toolbox Train the Trainer alumni

Train the Trainer Zagreb 2019 - graduated in November 2019

Oliver Linzbauer
Matea Lay
Ivana Kljaković Gašpić
Marija Malkoč Kušt
Sonja Karoglan Todorović
Meri Tukač

Train the Trainer Zagreb 2019/2020 - graduated in January 2020

Anna Danes
Marcel Majsan
Nikolina Mihić
Mihaela Marija Perković

Train the Trainer Budapest 2020 - graduated in January 2020

Trainers Lab was TTT delivered in collaboration between Learning Laboratory and Trainers Toolbox.

Zoltán Kappelmayer
Eszter Takács
Viktória Csonka
Ivett Hegyi
Alina Alexandra Baciu
Martina Bálind

Train the Trainer Zagreb 2021 - graduated in March 2021

The first group to graduate from blended TTT program, where we worked in both online and live ways, enabling attendees to be skilled in both ways of delivery.

Klara Čičin-Šain
Nikolina Božanović
Denis Stanarević
Jelena Jokanović

attendees blended learning 2021 zagreb

Train the Trainer Zagreb 2021 - graduated in November 2021

Blended TTT program, where we worked in both online and live ways, enabling attendees to be skilled in both ways of delivery.

Peter Bodik
Nina Garić Saganić
Maja Živanović
Marieta Di Gallo
Ivan Capan
Ana Hlavati

Train the Trainer - virtual 2021/2022 - graduated in January 2022

Irina Hagiu
Ana Maria Radu
Ramona Grigoras
Veronica Staicu
Alina Bucur

Train the Trainer Amsterdam 2022 - graduated in July 2022

Geraldine Danhoui  
Konstantinos Syrokostas 
Dan Tudorache  
Dora Mathesz-Molnar
Chiara Zeroni

Train the Trainer Zagreb 2022 - graduated in December 2022

Mubina Arnautalić
Ines Tukac
Ozano Rokov
Vedran Karlović
Mária Elekes