Train-the-Trainer Advanced (Level 2)

Train-the-Trainer Advanced by Trainers Toolbox
Next level of training for TTT graduates

You are here because you want to become the best trainer you can be. 

You want to deepen your impact on your learners and skyrocket their learning.

Create truly impactful and memorable – if not lifechanging – learning experiences. 

At your core, you believe that to be the best trainer you can be, you need to keep on learning, growing, getting feedback and keep on strengthening your skills.  

You just don’t know HOW to get to that next level – yet. 

And that is exactly where TTT Advanced comes in.

The advanced version of the classical Train-the-Trainer course offers you the chance to bring your skills as a trainer to the next level.

It is an experiential course for trainers who graduated from Train-the-trainer, gained some experience and practice, and now are ready to deepen their skills and impact.

It is all about deepening the learning, gaining more experience & feedback from other experienced trainers, discussing examples from practice, exchanging perspectives, and learning together by sharing meaningful insights.

How TTT Advanced looks like?

Every TTT Advanced is different, as it is hugely co-created by trainers who join, and adapted to their specific needs and goals through a series of meaningful, custom-designed challenges and exercises.

That is why the group is formed a couple of months before the event – to make sure there is enough of time to survey the needs and preferences of the trainers joining, and for everyone to prepare pre-work, the goal of which is to get a lot of feedback.

The program itself is build in a blended way – 2 virtual modules of 3h, and a live weekend.

Here are examples of potential topics (the final topics will be chosen in alignment with the preferences of the participants):

  • training design – practice, feedback and discussions, and working on examples
  • tools for trainers (learning new tools, practicing the chosen ones)
  • facilitation tools
  • advanced facilitation skills and practice (and art of impactful questions)
  • how to converge better (in facilitation and debriefing)
  • debriefing: active practice and exchanging best practices and impactful questions
  • how to make learning more memorable 
  • storytelling – models to build impactful stories, tips to make them more engaging, and active practice crafting the story
  • building awesome examples and colorful language
  • career development for trainers
  • personal development for trainers: which skills are you looking to develop next?
  • coaching tools, frameworks, questions and skills that trainers can use
  • (more) impactful opening & closing
  • building trust
  • follow up and deeper impact
  • designing activities for more insights
  • how to encourage more ownership in participants

For the each group, the program is custom built for the trainers who join, with custom chosen topics, custom pre-work tasks and exercises.

Who is this program for?

TTT advanced by Trainers Toolbox is primarily designed for the Train-the-Trainer by Trainers Toolbox alumni who, after few years of delivering trainings and putting their TTT knowledge in practice, wish to deepen their experiences and skills. 

To build diversity of experiences, each group has a couple of spots for TTT graduates of other TTT programs.


The ideal time to attend is 1-3 years after finishing the TTT  (although that is not a strict rule).

The prerequisite for attending this course is to have finished TTT at Trainers Toolbox to assure all participants have a
similar understanding of the learning process.

Logistics and practical details

The next Train-the-Trainer Advanced course will take place in autumn/winter 2023.

  • engaging and highly interactive program, with a lot of practical exercisesreflection and discussion
  • working in a group of 8-12 attendees
  • highly customised according to the attendees’ needs, experiences and learning goals

  • location for the live weekend is not confirmed yet, but probably it will be in Zagreb (it will also depend on preference of interested alumni – so do get in touch and share your preference) 

Contact us to to explore if this is the right program for you – and to share your preference on location.

How did the previous events go?

TTT Advanced – Zagreb, November 2022

A selection of topics we covered: 

  • advanced facilitation skills 
  • practicing and discussing debriefing
  • storytelling and colorful language
  • career development for trainers
  • personal development for trainers
  • coaching tools and skills that trainers can use
  • (more) impactful opening & closing (and building trust)
  • follow up and deeper impact

About the trainer - Mirna Šmidt

Since graduating from a one-year-long Train the Trainer education in 2008, Mirna kept delivering training and deepening her knowledge and skills as a trainer. Over the past 14 years, she delivered at a range of training events, building extensive experience in “classical” topics such as communication, presentation, teamwork and leadership, but also rich experience in a broad range of positive psychology topics, train advanced trainer tools and events. She is an NLP Master practitioner, as well as a certified coach since 2011, and loves enriching her training with the tools and techniques from these fields.

Having delivered for NGOs and non-profit organisations, startups and startup incubators, as well as conferences and corporate audiences for clients such as Cisco and L’Oreal, and in over 20 countries, Mirna is no stranger to diverse sectors, audience sizes and backgrounds, and able to adjust her training design and delivery, while keeping with evidence-based practices of experiential and adult learning.

Currently, her main focus in training is positive psychology. She is one of the first graduates of Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

As a founder and a head trainer of Happiness Academy, she keeps on building and delivering programs and workshops focused on designing life and career according to her own values and vision, strengthening wellbeing, personal strengths and resilience to challenges. All her programs are built on research-based practices and tools.

Over the years, Mirna delivered eight Train the Trainer programs and two Train advanced trainer programs, most of them in around 100h in duration and highly international groups of participants.

Mirna also runs Trainers Toolbox, an initiative to share tools and knowledge with trainers around the world.

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