Ultimate Booklist for Trainers

The Ultimate Booklist for Trainers and Educators - free list of the best books


Are you one of those trainers crazy about learning (hihi it’s a trick question – aren’t we all?) – one that is always on the lookout for new amazing books? 📚

Then you probably already noticed that I love sharing a good book – being it here in the newsletter, on the Trainers Toolbox blog where you can find many posts about the books, or on social media. 

But today, I have the best list yet – The Ultimate Booklist for Trainers and Educators. 

In it, we listed the books that we can highly recommend (and only those books! Shooting for quantity over quality here) on the topics of learning and learning science, training, facilitation, coaching, creativity, presentation skills, and leadership. 

I hope you will meet your new favorite book there!

Looking to build up your skills as a trainer? 

Our comprehensive Train the Trainer course is an amazing place to do that!

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