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Elevate your facilitation skills: Exploring 7 dimension of facilitation

Date & time: 2nd of November 2023 at 12h CET 

Duration: 1h

Recording will be available to view for 1 week after the webinar to those who signup or are on Trainers Toolbox newsletter.

How would you describe your skills as a facilitator?  How is your pace? Sense of structure vs. improvisation? Where is your focus while facilitating? What are strengths and weaknesses in your implementation of planned process of facilitation? 

Facilitation is an art of navigating a conversation towards the goal of that conversation – being it a learning or meeting goal. 

It is all about keeping it the conversation on track… but at the same time, building up active participation and allowing freedom within that conversation. It is a skill crucial for trainers, leaders and anyone who is navigating a conversations such as meeting, decision making or problem solving discussion. And it is one that truly comes with life long learning of new tools, approaches, ideas.  

That is what we will keep on exploring on this webinar – wherever you are with your facilitation skills, you will gain space to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and on direction in which you wish to continue developing your skills.

Sounds like the right conversation for you? Signup below 🙂

*** Webinar is free, but signup is mandatory. ***


P.S. To dive deeper into building your facilitation skills, join us for 2 days of practice, feedback and discovering new tools at “Train the Trainer Advanced: Facilitation” in Zagreb this November.

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