webinar application – How to avoid the top 7 trainer mistakes during your first workshop(s)

How to avoid the top 7 trainer mistakes during your first workshop(s)

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Would you like to become better at delivering and facilitating workshops? Looking to develop and improve your skills as a trainer?

Get practical and insightful tips from Mirna, a trainer with more than 15 years of experience. Mirna delivered Train-the-trainer education for number of new trainers – and learned what were the biggest traps and pitfalls for them.

*If you are already receiving a trainers Toolbox newsleter, there is no need to sign up. You will get a webinar recording via Trainers Toolbox newsletter on 28th of June which will be available for watching until 15th of July.


Within this sign up we will also send you the second webinar that is coming up in August: Deliver workshops everyone talks about with these 5 brain-based tips.

Looking for ways how to make your trainings engaging and impactful learning experiences? 

Do check our Train the Trainer program- applications are OPEN until 5th of September or until the group is full!

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