webinar application – Trainers Path

The Trainer’s Path: Building a Successful Career in Training

Date & time: 29th of August 2023 at 12h (noon) CEST (Zagreb – Amsterdam – Paris timezone)

Duration: 1h

Recording will be available to view for 1 week after the webinar to those who signup or are on Trainers Toolbox newsletter.

Do you enjoy delivering workshops & training – and are wondering how to grow to the next level & make it your career? 

Join us at this webinar for aspiring trainers and discover how to start building up a career in this area. 

The webinar is built based on numerous conversations with new trainers asking me to share my story of how I became a trainer & share the best tips  for building their journey in a similar direction. 

At the webinar, you will discover 3 crucial foundations that an aspiring trainer needs to build: Skills, Story, and Networks.

For each of them, you will receive practical tips, guiding questions to help you shape your strategy, and ideas on where to start your career in this path. 

Take the first step and join us for a session on Trainers Path.

*** Webinar is free, but signup is mandatory.*** 



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